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A person who has smoked crack cocaine for many years, decades even. So much that they have made it a career to smoke rock. They are experts in the field of crack smoking.
That man who smoked crack for 20 years is so experienced that he's a crackologist.
by Tonton510 April 23, 2009
An individual highly skilled in the process of converting powder cocaine into crack ("cooking," "cheffing," roasting," etc.).
"Yo man, I don't need you to help me roast this powder. Don't you know I'm a crackologist in this?"
by J' Rock April 07, 2006
people who tend to let you study their butt crack.
"omg, look! she must be the new crackologist. cause damn i keep trying to study her crack."
by ihtbabes March 15, 2009
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