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A type of fanfiction (or original fiction) that is intentionally unbelievable and insane; often humorous. Usually short, one-shot stoires.
"Sarah's new crackfic is fuckin' hilarious, you should go read it!"
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by Andrea C. November 07, 2006
A type of fiction where it is believed that the author must be on crack to have written such a story because it's so bizarre or off the wall
Often, a facial expression after reading one of these crackfics is 'O.O' or 'O.o'

"I just read a crackfic where Chuck Norris dreams he's Luke Skywalker than becomes a stripper to make more money for his kid"
#crack #fic #fiction #writing #hyper
by BAMBI_IS_DEAD January 02, 2009
Other terms:

1. Crack Fict
2. Crack Fiction
3. Fanfiction Crack

(n) - Term used to describe fanfiction that is completly and utterly random,and makes no sense. Is usually done intentionally for humor purposes. Whether or not the fic is trying to be serious is hard to see or say.
Marissa: What are you watching?
Jesse: Smallville,why?
Marissa: I found a weird fic about it, check it out.
*ten minutes later*
Jesse: *screams in agony* Oh my God! It's-it's -CRACK FIC! *runs out of the room in terror*
#crack fic #fanfiction #horrible #random #crack fiction
by SirChubbyBunny October 15, 2010
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