Trucker term for a idiot on the cb radio
shut up cracker head
by Dayripper September 05, 2004
Lame-brain, Doofus, Numbskull.
What a "Crackerhead"!
by VooDoo Daddy June 03, 2003

cracker head meaning a white crack head

you know something your right your not a white nigger your a cracker head!
by NLR718 July 16, 2006
Cracker head: meaning to be an idiot, or troll intending soly to annoy people.

Cracker head:Also meaning to ejaculate onto the top of comeones head into their hair.
That cracker head keeps posting just to annoy people so i banned him.

Jim gave his wife a cracker head.
by Emm Em June 17, 2005
a white person
by crackerhead August 02, 2003

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