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Something that is very cheap in design. This comes from the cheap, useless toys that come in boxes of crackerjack.
That's my crackerjack flashlight. Already falling apart.

Where did you get that car? It's so crackerjack.
by ArnisadorT November 17, 2006
A tasty treat consisting of popcorn, peanuts and a caramel candy coating. It's sold in old-school boxes (which come in a three pack) and although the primary consumers are young children, it's invariably located on the top shelf of the supermarket isle. Every box comes with a prize -- usually a little puzzle, temporary tattoo, or a valid Georgia driver's license.
Take me out to the ball game,
Take me out with the crowd.
Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack...
by O2L January 28, 2006
someone very skilled or proficient
John was a crackerjack of a mechanic: he could make a Mustang hum going in reverse.
by Jon64Bailey January 11, 2008
A game played in which several males stand in a circle around a cracker and jack off. They all try to hit the cracker when they shoot, and whoever hits farthest from the cracker or shoots last, has to eat the cracker.
This cracker tastes rather salty.
by lindsay the gangster June 01, 2005
a white person, usually considered an insult
synonymous with "cracker"
Look at that crackerjack walking down the street
by g2 September 12, 2013
Having great affection for something or someone, bordering on love.
I don't really like her personality, but I'm crackerjacks for that ass.
by Lukezilla March 04, 2009
A childlike white adult who can't think outside the box & is corny & sweet.Also when you dig deep inside you find a toy, something for children to play with.Or crackers term used for pale square people who (jack) culture, land,history,etc.
I told my son it's a little late for "CRACKER JACK" maybe tomorrow
by Fred E. Douglas June 24, 2011
A charming euphemism for all sorts of unpleasant urban dwellers, namely junkies, crack-heads, bums, shop lifters and the insane.

Similarly, when engaged in hostile confrontation with these people, one has been 'crackerjack'd.'
I'd rather not venture into that part of town . . . too many crackerjacks.
by Matt Hewitt July 10, 2008