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When you see a bunch of sunburnt people (usually tourists) together in one spot.
Dude 1 "Hey look at that crab pot there hundreds of em! the burnt buggers!"

Dude 2 "I'm hungry now"
by Chugmeister of Sicily June 20, 2010
The female equivalent of tea bagging. Also described as face-squatting. The act of putting ones vagina onto another's body parts, with or without their knowledge.
Dude, I passed out at this party, when I woke up, this chunker was Crab-Potting my thigh. Damn, she hit you with a Crab-Pot
by ¥£€ June 26, 2014
The strong oudour emmited from a vagina, which is unhealthy, which can be detected from a distance
" was about to shag this slapper last night but when she took off her knickers fuck me mate i thought i was at the harbour, whole room smelt like a Crab pot"
by shaftshagnasty July 14, 2008
Where all the crabs go to get steamed!
Person 1: Hey, where you going tonight? (Person 1 is a crab)
Person 2: The crab pot! (Person 2 is also a crab or somesuch shellfish)

(Both are getting steamed)
by Eliot Rosewater January 04, 2008