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Swimming costume
"Don't forget your cozzy when we go to the baths."
by Julia January 22, 2004
Australian slang for 'swimming costume'. Also, togs, speedos, trunks, boardies, swimmers, swimsuit.
Don't forget ya cozzies, mate, the billabong is croc-free.
by koaladan August 04, 2006
Female Genitalia With STD's
"I Broke Up With My Ex Because She Had A Cozzy"
by ShadowLurker1337 May 12, 2013
A term used by cosmetic lovers to refer to their large collection of Cosmetics.

The term also refers to the bags that cosmetics go in.
I organized all of my cozzies today.

I have so many cozzies I don't even have enough cozzie bags for them all!
by CozzieFreak September 09, 2009
A symbol of hope and excellence which abounds dimensional realms.

Also used when referring to a person getting drunk and riding waltzers.
Example 1
"You going on the fair tonight?"

"Yeah I'm right mad fer gettin cozzyied tonight."

Example 2
"I was in the pub the other day and I felt so good about life that I just shouted COZZY at the top of my lungs"
by OCW_Add++ February 11, 2010

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