Kevin Millar's pregame chant as he grabs his ankles and takes it in the stink from the eight other starters on the Boston Nine.
Cowboy up, Manny! You're next!
by Eaton Buch May 18, 2005
Slang for taking a huge shit in any public place; inside or out.
EX 1- "Hang on guys, I'm gonna go cowboy up real quick."

EX 2- "Damn I need to cowboy up!"
by Juxtet August 04, 2006
A term describing a once illegal act between Aggies.
You look so hot in those tight wranglers. I am going to Cowboy Up that tonight.
by txGeek October 09, 2003
Used in the same sense as the expression "get yourself together." Often heard with an expletive.
"Cowboy the f*** up!"
by Sage November 16, 2004
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