A term used by small city fire departments when a Big City Fire Fighter takes initiative to accomplish a task during an emergency without being told to do so.
Did you see the Big City Fire Engineer "Cowboy up" when he took lights and blowers to the front door of that structure fire? I.C. never requested that.
by Johnny Wayne October 05, 2013
to order a shot of whiskey
Bruce Lee: Cowboy up motherfucker!
Jose Contreras: I'm halfway to Heavington, but get me a Jim
Bruce Lee: No, get it yourself
by benny b from the bronx August 17, 2007
Another incredibly vacuous term that no longer has the same meaning it initially did, thanks to cultural theft and abuse by people who aren't really cowboys at all, but bored, middle-class white people. It used to mean to toughen up or approach a problem with a hard attitude, but now is used to refer to anything requiring effort, or anything in which people are competeing against each other.

People sport the logo on their clothing or their car because they think it gives them credibility as a cowboy or a redneck, since it is now cool to be associated with these groups once again. But when you get down to brass tacks, most fans of the cowboy up marketing scheme are those who have no connection with the cowboy way of life at all. See poser, git er done and white trash.
Jenny thought that putting her "cowboy up" sticker on her SUV would make others think she was a country girl. In reality, most people just laughed at her.
by Eric in NE March 01, 2006
An incomplete phrase from Broke Back Mountain meaning "cowboy up your ass".

Oh my god theres a cowboy up! my ass!
by Bob Weadababyitsaboy May 03, 2006
The "word of the momoent" for all the hilljacks and cowboy wannabes out there.
145-pound 5'11" Cletus, with Skoal in his lip and t-shirt sleeves rolled up, thumb in the front of his pants says ""c'mon ya'll....cowboy up! let's head on down to the country bar and pick us up some fat hefers!"
by Steve C. January 26, 2004
Something that's on EVERYONE's away message right now.
"time to cowboy up"

"cowboy up haha talz, supportin the sockies"

and lastly

"watchin the sox vs As

(all are direct examples)
by Lise October 06, 2003
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