verb. To kill a person with an excessive amount of bullets, this is usually done by associates of a crime syndicate who wish to send a message to those who would cross them. The action itself is done by pointing a gun (preferrably automatic) at the victim, and squeezing the the trigger while moving ones hand up and down, left and right, spraying bullets into the victim like it's 1929.
Did you hear what happened to Dutch Schultz when he angered Banana-Nose Maldonado? Maldonado had the Teacher and some of his boys cowboy him.
by Eiliries September 03, 2005
Jazz age salng for a young fellow who doesn't pay much attention to the girls.
Give up, Myrtle. You'll never get a date with that cow boy.
by Bob Proczko October 16, 2006
"Thats a darn tootin' cowboy right there, ya'll."
by Kikaider June 27, 2003
The tip of the penis, especially on an uncircumcised male. Sometimes synonymous with the head.
Baby, kiss my cowboy! Please?
by about3blank February 23, 2011
A cocaine pusher
Cocaine runner. Tony Montana. Cowboy
by Mike Haze February 16, 2011
A wild man whore that will sleep with anything and everything going and will do almost anything to get laid.
"i nailed that slut last night"
"thats wrong your a cowboy"
"no we're Cowboys"
by Zaky November 27, 2006
(kow boy) n. Offensive slang. Used as a disparaging term for suburban, small-town police officers and/or state troopers. Used to describe the brazen, outlandish, overzealous, and obnoxious behavior of these police officers that were usually appointed to these positions politically -further linking the term to the corrupt political practices and corrupt lawmen to the term. First used by the New York City Police Department when describing their New Jersey counterparts.
Careful you with your speed. We don't want to have to deal with the yahoo cowboys out here.
by dhbk March 01, 2011

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