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a major player on the cowboy scene who goes to the reservation, drinks and gets mean, they say he'll start a war, he hops in his pickup puts the peddle to the floor and says "i've got mine but i want more" then he drives to the desert and fires his rifle in the sky and says "god if i have to die, you will have to die."
he didn't move to the city, the city moved to him and and he wants out desperately
"Cowboy Dan's a major player!"
by obie January 26, 2004
230 18
reference to a character from a Modest Mouse song, yet as of late has come to resemble a persistent yet handsome idiot who has limitless amounts of hope and confidence in a situation destitute of hope; prone to drunken fits of rage and indecency
dude, that cowboy dan broke my windshield last night
by mostbasic690 February 05, 2011
15 15
A random person that shows up to your house party uninvited and tries to steal booze.
you: what the fuck, did Cowboy Dan just steal my Jack Daniels?
by Kbot1173 March 14, 2008
22 47
the action of sticking your fingers up someones butt as a joke and saying cowboy dan
He cowboy danned me 9 times last night.
by cricketeer VI June 13, 2003
38 82