n. 1. Lebanese male, Leb, Lebs or Lebo
1. A: That girly-boy attacked that young man you heard about after he bought pizza from that pizzeria. The girly-boy did not do it alone. I saw him earlier ring up his friends on his mobile phone. Out of the night all these WRX's gathered near the young guy, pizza in hand. A pile of girly-boys - friends of the first girly-boy - jumped out and helped him attack, bash and kick the young guy with the pizza. There was no reason for it: they did not take the pizza. He, with his friends, behaved like real cowards.

B. The cowards were Lebs.

by Hannibal Barca September 19, 2008
1. a person who is afraid of skanks
2. a person who sucks at tips, fifa, nba, front yard soccer, and wiffle ball
3. a person that sleeps all day, and through tests

1. Brutus
Brutus doesn't get any pussy because he is a coward.
by skankmondoozy June 18, 2008
One who lacks courage. A Frenchman.
Look at that smelly Frenchman. Learn to bathe you coward.
by Pierre Lefrench January 30, 2006
Cowards are cunts really. People who wont fight for der country, will run away when der mates are gettin the shit kicked out of them.All people from the country france are cowards as they let da Nazi's shit all over dem. If i was french i would be soooo ashamed of my self
Nothing worse than been a coward
France= the country filled with cowards
by D to the N December 12, 2006
1) A human being with a penis between their legs

2)men who:

-say they will call you and then don't
- know they want you, but they pretend they don't
-tell you what type of woman they want, and when they find out that you are all those things, they find reasons to avoid you
- say stupid things like 'don't call me , I'll call you' or something to that effect

-are jealous and don't want to admit it
-who lie
- who say they hate liars , but lie themselves
- online, who say that they are seeking real emotional relationships but have screen names that relate to sex.
'Why are men such fucking cowards?'
by Laety April 19, 2006
Someone who wishes to remain alive rather than risk his life in a conflict he had no part in starting.
Fritz is trying to prolong his own life, rather than join the army, let's execute the traitorous coward.
by SuperMaligan March 12, 2015
A person who makes plans to get it in, but backs out at the last minute
The lil' General didn't see any action last night because Joe is a coward
by Vegetable_Lasagna January 24, 2015

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