ADJ. (cuz*en*fuck*EE) Describing an individual who either has the APPEARANCE of one who has fucked their cousin, or one who has ACTUALLY fucked their cousin. A noun having the look of something that a cousinfucker would own, wear, or otherwise be associated with (like specific towns or specific mobile home communities). Having an inbred-type look.
- "You need to cut your hair. That mullet is getting a little too cousinfucky."

- "I can't believe you're actually wearing overalls. How cousinfucky are you?"

- "These back-road-towns are all so cousinfucky"

- "The remake of "Black Christmas" went a little to heavy with the cousinfucky back story"

- Joe Dirt
- Billy Ray Cyrus
- Rob Zombie
- Edgar Allen Poe
- John C. Reilly
- The Ozzbournes
by [usbdt]dONjUAN November 24, 2011

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