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Line of the cigarette that above the butt.
I asked for the short and you smoked it to the county line.
by daowna July 10, 2008
the place everyone in a dry county (typically in the bible belt)has too go to buy booze, usually results in purchase of massive amounts of liquor at once, and often in drunken driving on the return voyage

crossing the county line from dry to wet is apparent by the row upon row of liquor store
Billy got a DUI coming back from the county line, they even took 150 dollars worth of booze
by Paul S. W. September 10, 2006
The place in the center of a book where the pages meet.
Bill: "Hey Joe! Will you sign my yearbook?"
Joe: "YEAH!"

(writes "I'm the first person to sign your County Line!")
by smking59 May 25, 2009
The thin ridge of flesh between your ballsac and your asshole.
I had that bitch lick the county line last night.
by Judahbenhur January 10, 2004
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