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Can be a really fun game to play, if you have people willing to...Is played much like regular karaoke except with only country songs...Also by mentioning it, can be a really fun way to upset your country music hating 'so-called' friends....
Ex. 1
While trick-or-treating Halloween night....
Girl1) "Guys I'm bored...I know why don't we play country karaoke?! One of you name a country song and I'll try to sing as much of it as I can!"
Other5GirlsInUnison) "NO!!!"

Ex. 2
In Math Class.....
Girl2) "Nom, nom, nom" and other incomprehensible words..
Girl1+2) Burst into laughter as everyone turns and stares...
Girl1) talking to 2 "You have to admit that was worse than country karaoke!"

Girl2)"No, NOTHING is worse than country karaoke.."
by Shadow_Casters' Friend November 04, 2010
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