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Counter hog is someone who takes up space at counter for a long time,not allowing other people or friends to use it when there is plenty of room. The overuse of a shared counter.

When you're at a coffee house and need to put sugar,milk, etc in your coffee or tea there is a big counter where you go to to get it. If it takes a person more than 45 seconds to complete their coffee order, they are a counter hog.

When you're on vacation with friends, or away somewhere getting ready. usually woman, but sometimes men can be counter hogs too. There are usually a lot of people that need to get ready to go somewhere, bachelorette party, weding,etc. The person that takes a long time and doesn't share the "get ready" space.
Jim said "OMG, I was at Starbucks today and just wanted to put a little milk in my coffee and had to wait for over 2 minutes for the counter hog to leave."

Kate said "I was doing my make up in the big bathroom, but Stacey kept using her blowdryer to do her hair so I couldn't finish getting ready in there."

Kelly said "God, Stacey is such a counter hog! "
by Tanya Coffee May 23, 2013

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