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The art of going out to a bar or any social establishment and picking up a woman over 30 years of age. This woman will be known as a cougar and will prefer only the company of younger men. She may or may not be good looking, but scores points because of the fact that she is most likely over 10 years older than the guy.
BB: "You cougin tonight?"
Me: "You know it.. it's Thursday night, what else do we have to do? Is mikey coming?"
BB: "Nah.. he is already out with the coug babysitting"

by Matty M September 12, 2006
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Cougar Action
Cougar Hunting

1.)The pusuit and/or bedding of a Cougar


2.)Women who are on the verge of being a Cougar. They lack some key element of being a Cougar (ex. Not quit old enough, or lacking the attitude of a cougar.)
"I'm all about the Cougins tonight."

She's a Coug-in. Give her another year or two and she'll be a full on COUGAR.
by Chives November 25, 2003
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The act of an older (re: mid forties and above) woman flirting, hitting on, or hooking up with a male of a drastically younger (yet still legal) age.
"Shane from Weeds is so hot. No pedo"
"Yeah, by the time he's legal, we'll totally be cougin' on dat ass"
by ChelCBrown December 17, 2009
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