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couch guy- a person who resides on someone's couch. He or she may or may not pay rent for the couch. Usually pays through karmic duties such as cleaning or cooking. Usually someone adept to the art of couch surfing. Will usually reside on a couch anywhere from a day to a year.
Dude, you still haven't gotten rid of the "couch guy" yet? How long has been here? Like two years?
#couch person #wanderer #traveler #urban bum #pilgrim
by Robin Tibby/ A Couch Guy February 05, 2009
When you walk into a place where people have been smoking weed, there's always that one guy who's too high to function and is hanging out on the couch. Barely moves or acknowledges his surroundings and is clearly lost in thoughts of some sort. He's couch locked and thusly, the Couch Guy
"Dude, what's up with Dave?"

"Oh, nothing, he's just really baked. He's the Couch Guy."
#weed #couch locked #couch guy #stoned #high #cannabis
by The_Sheepinator October 27, 2014
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