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The Russian analogue of Vine, pronounced "Cobb" (although by the rules of the English language pronouncing it "cube" would make much more sense). Adored by Russian schoolkids who like to loop stupid music to even stupider unrelated videos and call it a "meme". If you value your time - avoid this service.
- So I went on this Coub (pronounces it as "cube") and posted th-
- Shut up!
by KenM January 11, 2016
Clusterfuck of unnecessary bullshit. Can be applied to a day, a week, or any amount of time where nothing goes right.
Man, I tell ya, this week was a coub.
by UmlautBanana June 04, 2011
A person who is very iddiotic at times to the amusement of others arond him or her self.
Evan sat in shit, he is a coubber.
by Durr March 12, 2003
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