noun; name of a person who is greek

also see fucktard, fuck tard, newb, jackhole, lil jon
costas: urbandictionary is a good search engine! omgooz
nick: dude, you're an idiot.
by nick August 27, 2004
Top Definition
Sunglasses that are commonly used in boating or sport-fishing but widely popular among stylish southern males; also known as Costa Del Mar Sunglasses.
I'm going to go fishing on the lake, will you hand me my costas?
by Stephen Crowley October 31, 2007
A Funny lovin Bubble
living in sheffield likin potana (Mo Fo Mo Fuka)
by Ryu November 27, 2003
a freakishly large fake penis

in the south: a freakishly large very real butt blug
i freaked on this costas and couldnt sit for a week
by FoCostas March 30, 2011
To hold your anus over someone's eyeball with such proximity that the eyelashes brush against the O-ring, resulting in pink eye.
I went to the optometrist to see if I needed glasses. The doctor said I had 20/20 vision, but gave me eye drops because my boyfriend gave me a Costas Kiss.
by RawESQ. February 18, 2014
Costas, using a totally irrelevent reference, usually a sports rerference, in conversation. Andy Rooney originated this technique in his monologues, but Costas extended this to dialogouges. While Rooney merely left his audiences irriitated, Costas left his audience irritated and his interveiwees confused.
Alternative definition 1, confusing endless regurgeatation of rote learning for higher order thinking.
Alternative definition 2, sitting in an overstuffed easy chair.
Dude, my relationship is falling apart, I wanted some support and you go totally Costas on me. I have no idea what the 1964 World Series and the Yankees dumping Yogi Berra and making Johnny Keane the manager has to do with my relationship problems.
by dmossi August 08, 2012
a cuntlover with six choades see choade and should have his pussy burned!
costas: i suck cock
by wickhack June 06, 2003

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