When you click the random button on Urban Dictionary and something horrible comes up.
I was playing corruption, and "Renob" came up.
by TheRealSlimSunny March 18, 2012
Top Definition
police and the law enforcment
fine for making us search you, revealing you had nothing illegal on you...

nigger, please! corruption! BRUTALITY
by Tom 'Lanky' B. January 30, 2008
Corruption = The Congress Party in India
Me: Look at all this corruption!

Congress party worker : That's our gift to this country.

Me: Who votes for you Swiss bank money stashing, corrupt bastards?

Congress party worker: the uneducated, the overtly secualr morally coward, Muslims and about any other person who's ashamed of being an Indian.

Me: You bastards!!

Congress party worker: Kalyug, beta. Just accept us.
by Anna Hazare123 December 19, 2011
the unethical and/or illegal allocation of resources and/or opportunities
Administrative corruption is often based upon using company resources for personal agendas, with company losses with no useful returns on investment.
by ToniT July 27, 2014
A failure of a clan in runecape.
joe: "hey did you hear that corruption lost another war to Eternal Honour?"

frank: "Yea Corruption fails at life"
by xwillx August 10, 2008
A runescape clan populated by 9 year olds. This was the first clan in runesape history to be entirely made of children under the age of 10. The fate of these children lie in the hands of chopa234, a 300 pound 7 year old born in the west indies who was sent in a Ups package to America because he ate the village. Every member of corruption is uglier than death240's grandma, and will die virgins.
Dude that hair cut sucks, your never going to get laid, might as well join corruption!

That kid is so ugly, he must be in corruption!
by vulemax December 12, 2006
the level of ones corruption can be measured by the rate that they can pick up sexual innuendos in everyday life. Finished by loss of virginity
my friends level of corruption is unbelievable, hes teaching me way to much

dude I so totally finished corrupting my girlfriend
by myspace is ruining our youth April 14, 2006
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