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When your sex drive is completely warn out due to intense cyber sex.

It can also mean a person who continuously tells someone to "shut up" or calls them idiots.
That was a Death240 if I have ever felt one.

I'm really tired, death240 did a good job.

Stop telling me to shut up, who do you think you are? Death240?
by vulemax November 26, 2006
A runescape clan populated by 9 year olds. This was the first clan in runesape history to be entirely made of children under the age of 10. The fate of these children lie in the hands of chopa234, a 300 pound 7 year old born in the west indies who was sent in a Ups package to America because he ate the village. Every member of corruption is uglier than death240's grandma, and will die virgins.
Dude that hair cut sucks, your never going to get laid, might as well join corruption!

That kid is so ugly, he must be in corruption!
by vulemax December 12, 2006
The feeling you get after getting a blow job by a 40 year old man named Rob on a video game. It is said to felt extremely sticky and depressing. Another interpretation is the sore feeling feeling in your bung hole after rob shows you whose boss. Corruption's scare away girls. Also the name of a clan on an online game that died because the leader sold his computer for money to pay his neighbor to let his dog suck his penis. Rob refers to robtokill
After Rob gave me that massage just they way I like it, I feel some corruption

"I got a corruption, I'm going to die a virgin."
by vulemax December 12, 2006

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