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Tim Burton's most recent (Sept. 2005) film, in which he employs stop-motion, one of the most arduous processes in film-making. The plot is based on a Jweish-Russian folktale in which betrothed man jokingly recites his wedding vows and places the ring on a stick-life form, which happens to be a dead woman's finger, thus she comes back to life and claims that they are lawfully wedded. Wow I sound so pro... Anyway it's a great film by a mesmerizing genius with fantastic music by Danny Elfman. The characters and their portrayals are wondeful, as well as the storyline. Go see it! It's Tim Burton's!
Patti: I wanna see Corpse Bride! Let's go, let's go, let's go!
Alex: Fine, we will, baby...
by Alana* September 21, 2005
In the process of getting a blowjob, you put ice cubes in the mouth of the person giving the blowjob to give the sensation of getting a blowjob from a corpse.
Dude, you hear that Howie made his girlfriend give him a corpse bride?
by the revolver October 29, 2009
A Tim Burton movie coming out september 23rd 2005. The animations are like the nightmare before christmas. Sure to be awesome!!
Joe: Dude wanna go see Corpse Bride september 23rd?

Jim: DUH!!
by Sara (lauriholic) July 21, 2005
A woman who is silent and maintains a passive expression throughtout sexual intercourse. Particularly applies to a woman who is a virgin bride on a honeymoon.
I feel sorry for John - he was really looking forward to shagging Martha for the first time last night, until he found out she was a corpse bride.
by pietrzap March 14, 2007