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A chick who pretends to be a lesbian to make herself look 'cool'.
Commonly associated with poser goths and emo kids.
"Look at that bitch grope her friend...She's a total poser lesbian."
by RaptorineDream November 23, 2005
Another term for Tutti-Frutti. From the movie Devil's Rejects, directed by Rob Zombie.
I think I wanna stop and get me some Tutti-Fuckin-Frutti!
by RaptorineDream March 08, 2006
When you throw someone to the ground and repeatedly kick them in the head.
"That bitch made out with my boyfriend, so I totally Nazi Boxed her ass."
by RaptorineDream November 23, 2005
The bastard child of emo and gothic...This is one unholy 'subculture' that should be immediately aborted.
OMG look at me! I write bad poetry and cut myself! I'm so emothic! <3 <3
by RaptorineDream March 12, 2006
Also known as Retarded Syndrome. This disease is marked by extreme stupidity and afflictions of Captain Obvious-ness.
Dick: Birds can fly??
Jane: Man, R.S.
by RaptorineDream March 08, 2006
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