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A chick who pretends to be a lesbian to make herself look 'cool'.
Commonly associated with poser goths and emo kids.
"Look at that bitch grope her friend...She's a total poser lesbian."
by RaptorineDream November 23, 2005
Another term for Tutti-Frutti. From the movie Devil's Rejects, directed by Rob Zombie.
I think I wanna stop and get me some Tutti-Fuckin-Frutti!
by RaptorineDream March 08, 2006
When you throw someone to the ground and repeatedly kick them in the head.
"That bitch made out with my boyfriend, so I totally Nazi Boxed her ass."
by RaptorineDream November 23, 2005
A gay knock-off of the YuGiOh series.
YuGiOh GX fucking sucks dick.
by RaptorineDream December 18, 2005
The bastard child of emo and gothic...This is one unholy 'subculture' that should be immediately aborted.
OMG look at me! I write bad poetry and cut myself! I'm so emothic! <3 <3
by RaptorineDream March 12, 2006
Also known as Retarded Syndrome. This disease is marked by extreme stupidity and afflictions of Captain Obvious-ness.
Dick: Birds can fly??
Jane: Man, R.S.
by RaptorineDream March 08, 2006
A gay knock-off of The Nightmare Before Christmas directed by Tim Burton.
The Corpse Bride was such a crappy movie that it made me choke my grandma.
by RaptorineDream January 02, 2006

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