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1) A comic book character.

2) A boy a family member brings that no one in the family likes. Often shady looking, dressing in cream colored suits, with a carat and a half of cubic zirconium in their ear, and tend to chew gum obnoxiously.

Also spelled corn winkle
Jordan: Hey, who's that kid you brought, Sharon?

Sharon: Him? That's Chuck!

Jordan: Chuck? He seems kinda shady to me.

Sharon: Nah, he's pretty cool.

(One hour later)

Jordan: Hey, Cornwinkle! What are you still doing here?

Chuck/Cornwinkle: I was invited?

Sharon: Cornwinkle, go home! Take my car, and go!

Jordan: Did you just send Cornwinkle home?

Sharon: Yeah, he seemed pretty shady.
by Neal Lancing December 06, 2009
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