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The overwhelming feeling that the corn industry (under our very noses and subsidized by our own government with our own money) has managed to infiltrate just about every product known to mankind! Examples include: carbonated beverages, wheat bread, baby food, cheese spreads, ketchup, textiles, mayonnaise, paper plates, plastics, chewing gum, yogurt, instant coffee & teas, margarine, toothpaste, cosmetics, candies, cereals, beer, baby powders, batteries, charcoal, Febreze, sheetrock, hand sanitizers, glass cleaners, adhesives, shoe polish, wall paper, firecrackers, pharmaceuticals and ethanol. Just to name a few... too many! People, wake up and smell the corn!!!
Did you see that movie King Corn? Yeah, It made me think we may actually be in the middle of a Cornspiracy!
by flair4thegold November 11, 2009

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