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"Cornmuffin" means "ass to cunt".
Do NOT do the cornmuffin. Your chick will get dick sick.
by Pat & Kelly O'Brian December 07, 2006
Corn Muffin: Word meaning white girl.
Black Girl: "Hey corn muffin!"
White Girl: "Shut up NIGGER!!"
by Fanopolis May 29, 2004
a muffin, often shaped like a cupcake, made from cornmeal.
"Just finished a batch of corn muffins, they are still hot."
by arn8409 November 06, 2007
pre prepubescent homosexual (faggot)
some little cock suckin' corn muffin asked me if i wanted to buy some cookies.. i told him to go fuck himself
by Rodberg December 21, 2010
n attractive tourist from the Midwest.
by Anonymous March 10, 2003
Corn bread that is shaped like a muffin.
Yellow, smells weird and tastes kind of yummy.
Miss Kim is the best at cooking corn muffins!!
by supercutekid November 19, 2011
To be gay or like men or the Village People and enjoy Daisy Duke jeans and washing cars.
You suck dick man ur a cornmuffin.
by Lyle Brayden April 09, 2005

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