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to fuck one up the ass.
She asked me to cornhog her.
by baugh March 27, 2004

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Someone who is greedy, self-centered or does things just to annoy other people
Steven is SUCH a cornhog when it comes to MapleStory!
by JordanTF June 10, 2008
A girl proceeds to shove a ear of corn up her vagina. After she does that she lets the pig eat out the corn from her vagina while a man has sexual intercourse with the pig.
Man1: "Man, my girl is weird."

Man2: "Why man what she do?"

Man1: "She made me go corn hoggin with her last night."

Man2: "DAMN man aw shucks."

Man1: "i know :'"
by Stroskee Blofen July 17, 2008