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At a roadracing event, a member of the officiating crew (or trackday organizer's staff) who watches the exit of corners for motorcycle (or other vehicle) crashes.

Generally, cornerworkers hold flags to regulate the racetrack - red, black, blue, yellow, green, checkered, and meatball flags - and are equipped with fire-extinguishers and radios, and a strange will to stand in the hot sun all day while people crash all around them at over 150 MPH.

"I'd like to thank my sponsors, the race officials, and the corner workers for allowing us to race here today..."
by kz2zx January 15, 2006
Someone who makes a living by selling themselves on a corner.Sometimes it is very profitable......and other times it isn't.FOR EXAMPLE: "I MADE 5cents on the corner last night."said carlos(not profitable)
"I made 20 bucks on the corner last night....I worked really hard."said Aaron(profitable)
Go back to your corner ho!
by Sammi J January 02, 2004
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