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On the eigth day Satan decended, in jew form, and created cornell notes. And the Jew ascended into the mountains in the north of city of angels and seeing as the people were with mirth the jew said "Do unto the notes 20 pages a month" and he saw it was bad. And the Jew said "do unto notes 20 summaries" and he saw it was bad. And the Jew said "Do unto the notes 10 learning logs" and he saw it was bad. Many trembled in fear and tried to avert this disaster by throwing money at this jew woman with horns. Yet it was to no avail. And the children of Du unto the Arte wept in sorrow, for this creation could not be conquered.
Burn in cornell notes, jew-haters!
by Longman McDickert November 22, 2006
Satan in written form.
Person #1: I love cornell notes!

Person #2: you might as well just say "I hate Jesus"
by gabba23 November 12, 2009
a type of note taking that's supposed to help you remember stuff better. one third of the page is questions/main ideas and the other two-thirds is notes. it can helpful if you do it the right way.
Cornell notes are helpful for schoolwork or anything.
by Shawna Tracy April 13, 2008
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