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1. when you quickly shoot out a bunch of skiunny little guys out of your butthole and they are all floating around like chicken with their heads cut off and while you did so, water splashed all upon your ass.
2. in accompaniment to this, if you say a red eyed "bomb" this meand you kickstarted it with a fart.
3. also, when you say "with a cup of tea" thios means you peed after u lewt all the rascals out.
4. if it is a "no wiper" meaning it came out so fast that you only wipe 1-3 times, then you say it was "on a slippery slope"
5. when you are in a public restorrm and the floor has piss all over it and you dont line the seat or take your pants off and hang them on the hook this is called "living dangerously".
6. however when you do take your pants off, this is called, "doing the no pants dance"
7. lastly, when you and your poop buddy have to poop, you say "we have to have a meeting".
1. so, what was is, buck, nay, cornelious rico's red eyed rascals!
2. who did u have a meeting with? buck bronsons brown eyed bomb.
3. "buck bronsons brown eyed bomb with a cup of tea"
4. "buck bronsons brown eyed bomb with a cup of tea, on a slippery slope"
5. so how many lays of toilet paper did u put down? and was there piss on the floor?
ya, but i was living dangerously...
6. there was a shit load of piss on the floor, so i had to do the no pants dance.
7. ive been holding this thing in all day, we have to go have a meeting soon.
by The G0dfather October 20, 2007

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