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a girl who jams corn on the cob into her pussy to get off.
Last night my girl fucked herself with some corn on the cob. She's a real corn star!
by mikew5205 September 22, 2010
12 5
Straight Up country girl, that is sexy as hell and you cant help but stare.
"man look at her up on the tractor, shes a corn star"
by CountryLover22 November 12, 2013
1 1
Part of the Wolfstar (remus x sirius) fandom. All started when someone wrote a smutty thanksgiving fanfiction. with corn...
*mum makes corn for dinner* - due to cornstar all I can think of is remus and sirius having rampant sex
by wolfstar1595 August 07, 2012
0 0
The anus, so called as it is a star shaped whole that offten allows corn to pass through it in your poo.
i just wanted to flick his corn star.
by ad-cale January 29, 2009
3 6
when your boyfriend is eating you out you fart in their face then you stick a corncob up your ass then make your boyfriend eat it..

me: one time when i was in flordia i pulled a cornstar on him and he came back for more that next night...
by lindseycarlyshea November 09, 2007
8 24