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usually a ginger haired boy that looks like a woman and is extremly ignorant and has no musical talent at all and often makes out with boys named morgan
"cormack is so gay"

"cormack has no musical talent"
by anita goforadump March 15, 2008
Tha Raddest People Out , Once U Meet Them You Will Never Forget
Normaly BadAss People
"yo i just seen cormack crusing down town in his calais"
by Cmak23543421 January 29, 2008
(verb) to be victimised due to a misunderstanding.(or several) (usually about money and prosperity in general)
I am being cormacked because sasha says i am rich, but i am really poor.
by Cormack February 11, 2004
Verb. To have no care for other people's safety and mental state.

Noun. People who have to much money than they know what to do with, and are not very nice people.
"Don't be so Cormack"

"I hate that Cormack"
by Leek Mike-Hunt February 09, 2004
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