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An American president in office from 2001 thru 2009, so nick-named due to his resemblance to an 80s TV character of the same name from the hit TV series "Life Goes On".
Person A: Check it out. Corky's on the TV.

Person B: I thought that series was off the air since 1993.

Person A: Not that Corky. The other one.
by Michael Grant May 15, 2008
cute and dorky all rolled into one.
you're so corky!
by hitman 123 June 01, 2009
n. A slightly retarded or Downs person.
Ref. Life Goes On (early '90 ABC series)
Look at those Corkys getting on the short bus
by Tada98 August 14, 2003
A corky- cute and dorky.
Rhett is totally corky
by tonightcaptain October 21, 2010
Person who is a slightly retarded or slow.
Damn that boy is a corky bastard
by Player Player March 19, 2003
somebody that is mentally retarded!
shawn howell is corky!
by urbandrum1 December 01, 2010
a nick name for the infamous world leader in priming technology, alan cawthorne
corky is the expert
by benlemmon February 11, 2009