someone who has a unique resemblace to Corky Romano or Chris Kattan
Andrew look just like corky...that why we call him that
by willR April 17, 2005
Top Definition
cute and dorky all rolled into one.
you're so corky!
#cute #dork #dorky #girl #blonde
by hitman 123 June 01, 2009
n. A slightly retarded or Downs person.
Ref. Life Goes On (early '90 ABC series)
Look at those Corkys getting on the short bus
by Tada98 August 14, 2003
A corky- cute and dorky.
Rhett is totally corky
#awesome #fun #great #cork #jerk
by tonightcaptain October 21, 2010
An American president in office from 2001 thru 2009, so nick-named due to his resemblance to an 80s TV character of the same name from the hit TV series "Life Goes On".
Person A: Check it out. Corky's on the TV.

Person B: I thought that series was off the air since 1993.

Person A: Not that Corky. The other one.
#george w. bush #life goes on #retard #mentally challenged #running our country into the ground
by Michael Grant May 15, 2008
Person who is a slightly retarded or slow.
Damn that boy is a corky bastard
by Player Player March 19, 2003
somebody that is mentally retarded!
shawn howell is corky!
#shawn howell #retarded #quirky #crazy #odd #special
by urbandrum1 December 01, 2010
A retard who by some unimaginable turn of events stumbles into success. A borderline illiterate who continues to buck the trend and maintain success.
I dont know how it happened but Corky just got named Chief of Police
#miller #rampey #todd #leland #cope
by Fumundacheese October 18, 2007
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