a term meaning a party which gets out of hand in regard to the amount of gatecrashers who attend.
mum and dad go away on holiday and their teenage son throws a party for 500 people in the backyard.

But it's a crushing reality for two Melbourne parents whose 16-year-old son drew a rowdy and drunken crowd at the weekend after advertising his party on the internet and via text messages.

What's more, mum and dad may soon be hit with a $20,000 bill to cover the cost of the police response.

Sixteen-year-old Corey Delaney from Melbourne's Narre Warren South is probably the first-ever Melbourne teenager to have both the Acting Premier and the Police Commissioner address the media about his latest house party.

hence Corey Delaney got coreyed
by TheHotSauce March 08, 2008
Top Definition
Definition: getting blacked out drunk, forget where you are, lose your clothes, act like nothing happened, say your not drunk also used in verb form while going out.

May occasionally be so drunk that you end up in snow banks with no idea where one may be.
Hey guys you going out?

-yes I'm about to get Coreyed!

How drunk you going to get tonight on a scale of 1- coreyed?
by Hjuuuu May 11, 2013

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