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The dangerous, cancer causing chemical that is being used to
dissolve the GOM oil spill and cause it to become one with the water that it pollutes. Corexit visually masks the oil spill from detection on the surface of the water.
Corexit is also a short form (or acronym) of the two words; Corporation and Exit, as in, after the chemical Corexit is used, it enables the responsible CORporation to EXIT the area without being held financially responsible for the long term environmental damage that it causes.
"Holy shit, look at all of that oil in the water. What can we do?"
"Hurry up and get a drum of that chemical called corexit and pour it on the oil! " Will that 'correct it'? No, you dumb fuck, it will just hide the problem from sight and then there won't be a problem. The name stands for CORporation EXIT. Like you know, we are outta here before they find out how much fucking oil is bleeding into the sea and destroying the ecosystem." Oh, Okay.
by PEARKAY June 04, 2010
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