An actually pretty decent processor found in many store-bought PCs. Technically out of date, but hasn't been replaced yet as Intel's making too much dang money to give up the 'ol front side bus.
1) Person 1: "What kind of processor does it have?"
Person 2: "A 2.2GHz Core 2 Duo."

2) Intel sticker: "Intel Core 2 Duo Inside"

3) "Only 800MHz FSB? What the h*ll, Intel?"
by namenotrequired December 05, 2009
Top Definition
New processor line developed by Intel Corporation. Based on the P6 and P4 Mobile architectures, it outperforms the AMD competition at a lower price point. It features more effecient instruction decoding, larger cache, a higher FSB, and a higher IPC, all while producing less heat.
Person one: d00d I just got a new Athlon64 5000+ for only 800$
Person two: n00b you should have bought a Core 2 Duo.
by cymon July 23, 2006
intels best latest greatest processor line
The slowest core 2 duo kills amds fastest processor.
by zwc July 01, 2007
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