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A nub that plays runescape all day. He is a gay pimp, tis corbin138 is also a razorguy. So lets begin here, one can not begin to describe what happened that day but one will try to describe it to you.It was a sunny day in teh runescape world i was on a magnificent quest when i realized that i needed 1k so i decided to go to teh bank and i got my 1k then i saw some stairs ( i am curious at times) i went up them and saw corbin138 r8ping tis man in teh behind.
Hi said one
corbin138: i am anualy raping tis guy
by david_1 November 22, 2007
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The official rating of runescape. Lets start here runescape is a horrible and dreadful game it is very sicknasty. So i was walking around innocently in teh game and i was on a perfectly good quest, when i stopped at the bank to get some money. I went to teh bank and withdrew 1k and then i saw something i had never seen b4, it was stairs so i decided to go up teh stairs (i am curious at times)and i saw tis man corbin138 doing something that one had never seen b4. It was very sicknasty ( def. of sicknasty: something that is cool and tite at the same time or something that is so gross and so nasty that sick and nasty dosen't even begin to describe it (as used in this case)). So tis corbin138 was behind tis man anomous. Tis man anomous was shaking his anus as if recieving something and corbin138 was making a forward motion and shoving his crotch right into tis mans ANUS. I asked these men wat they were doing and one tryed to describe it to me in these words. They said that they were in the act of intercorse. I told them that i was very disapointed and that they shouldn't be doing this in front of teh innocent. Then teh almighty corbin138 (level 100 and something) started making a $ex party people were in a train doing sexual intercorse, one can not begin to describe this. I believe he is some sort of razorguy (A loser 9 year old that hit on guys playing online game.). Teh corbin138 denies any sexual acusations but one can not lie when a master mind like me tapes hours of online play 4 moments like this. Thus brining us to a conclusion 4 today. I hope you agree with me that runescape is only 4 nubs that are razorguys (def. above)

teh video_game_pwnzor official game rater.
One ask: what is tis doing
Corbin138: im analy r8ping tis man
by david_1 November 22, 2007
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