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A slang word used by the British, often as employed by those with a cockney accent. Meaning God. (Possibly "god damn" as "cor blimey" is believed to be derives from "god, blind me.")
"Cor, wot a bloody wanker you are."

Translation: "God, what a fucking jerkoff."
or "God damn, you're a wack job."
by Vicious September 12, 2003
Centralised Online Registration System. An online system employed by NUS (National University of Singapore) for students to bid for modules using preallocated credits, as well as to rank their choices of tutorial slots for balloting purposes.
I hate having to use CORS every semester.
by ketsugi August 16, 2005
From cor blimey, cor is often used to suggest that you find someone, or something, sexy.
- I'm not wearing any pants.
- Cor, now I've got the fucking horn!
by shhexy corin July 01, 2006
A British person. It's cockney rhyming slang, as appropriated by a septic: cor blimey rhymes with limey.
"I wish you bloody cors would learn to speak the English language!"
by KishinThunder October 30, 2011
Cor: that life is like a gull that CORS - Making circles in the air. This term COR can also be used in moments of boredom. Or reffered to bottom feeders. Or yelled at random times like a nervous twitch.
COR is the feeling you get when your plastic shopping bag breaks outside the supermarket and all your newly purchased tinned fruit rolls away and you have to chase it with the trolley load of groceries you bought with your wages from your depressing job that makes you wanna staple your head to the desk just so you can feel something other than mind numbing boredom. However, some people may COR with joy when experiencing nature at its finest.

COR may also be used to describe the feeling when lost and alone in the middle of no where - a desert perhaps? where the sun scorches your eyes and the tumble weeds cross your path ever so softly .... with a distant COR echo-ing , which is coming from the strong lungs of a large bird.

COR may also be used as an expression when you dont actually have anything better to say eg: person 1: "my cat died whilst I was mowing the lawns with my masport lawn mower".. answer: "COR..."
by laylaybear2 June 02, 2010
cor is short for coricidin or triple c's, an otc drug gaining popularity.
i'm tripping really hard on core tonight.
by seth October 09, 2004
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