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n. 1. Copyfright is a brand of copyright that strips the author of all of his rights. It is so airtight that the author cannot even publish his own work to another journal or post it on his home page without giving credit to the publisher ;

n. 2. The state of shock induced by restrictive copyright compliance regulations.

adj. pertaining to practices of restrictive copyright applications such as coprfright police, copyfright nazi, copyfright conglomerates, copyfright industry giants.
OERs (Open Educational Resources) are one way around the copyfright restrictions. Prime examples of OERs are Wikipedia, Wikinews, Wikiversity, Wikiquote, Wikitionary, and Wiki books. They operate under free licensing like creative commons and GNU.


Q: Why does Dave look dazed?

A: He just read the contract he has to sign to get his research published and is suffering from copyfright.

The contract that the best and most prestigious publishers require researchers to sign before agreeing to publish articles is blatant copyfright.

Don't let copyfright intimidate you from freely sharing your knowledge. Choose free licensing to disseminate your work online, and bypass all the copyfright legal traps.

In academia in order to become well known and get tenure, you have to sell your soul to the copyfright monolith.

See also copyleft

And copyright

Also copyright nazi
by redcamarocruiser November 29, 2009
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