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Abundant, often ridiculously so
All these high schoolers write with such copious wording, I just have to give them F's, and I know they just go home and cut themselves because of it.
by Louis K May 31, 2005
Abundant, Adequate.
Yes, I call the Men's room closest to my office, "MY" Bathroom!

I have placed 2-3 cans of spray on the sink & I am going to demand you start using them in copious (LARGE) amounts because the hallway is starting to smell like someone's barn!
by curtikins February 12, 2009
underground Aussie HipHop crew residing in the Australian state of Tasmania.
Copious were rippin the stage to pieces with there phatter then life flows.
by covert. January 22, 2007
"The football team's trick play was so copious!"
"Dude! Killing a guy is so not copious!"
by Tennis Bear November 10, 2008
A rather gay person. Can make odd noises and act VERY gay. Likes to make wanking noises for fun.


Good at call of duty 2 but according to sumnxtdude, shit at bum sex.
I like it up the chuff just like copious
by Michael Carruthers April 14, 2006
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