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fuckin nazis. fatass pigs. fascist douches. fuckin glutons.think they have so much authority, but they aint shit. try to intimidate you into thinking that they have more power than you. fatheads. think they can do whatever they want. their ego's are almost as big as their fat asses. corrupt bitch ass motherfuckers. worthless hypocrite pieces of shit. most of them commit more crimes than the people they arrest. cant find anything better to do than arrest people for jaywalking, or skateboarding, or driving while black.
i wish i could try to have some fun, but its illegal. if i try to do something i could get arrested for it. like skateboarding, thats such a terrible crime!
by MetallilbangeR April 03, 2005
92 125
the people who come to this site to read up on there street slang , under cover mu fukers lookin 4 new speach
damn cops ran up in my house wavin guns and shootin bra
by splankinberry August 11, 2003
33 76
prejudiced racist against african americans beatdown niggaz 4 no reason
them cops are racist as fuck
by d March 28, 2005
45 110