Relativly pointless.
Guy 1: OH MY GOD!!!!! The cops are on or tails! RUN!
Guy 2: Cops? Aren't they the guys who sit on their asses all day eating donuts and sucking dick?
by matthias azamer February 05, 2007
short for Chief Of Police
by Hewson April 23, 2003
to have something inserted into the anos by anouther participant
"sup brah, cop'ped it in the ass lastnight
by mark May 06, 2005
A law enforcement officer, usually street smart and more ofton then not very good looking. Many like to get drunk after their shift and many are gay and have HUGE cocks, which they know how to use.
I always thought John the cop was gay, but he hooked up with my wife when I wasn't around and he fucked her silly beggin for more from his big cock!
by Cum Junkie Walter November 14, 2005
Ghetto slang for "pussy"
We fen' to cruise the hood tonight lookin for the cop.

That cop was top notch lat night.
by Rufus June 27, 2003
Constable On Patrol; the pansy British name for policemen.
Bloody 'ell, the C.O.P.s is interruptin my tea with crumpets...
by 124nd0m71v17y August 18, 2005
people on the job that are just only supervisors(or employees thats been there for a long time) that have No authority over you whatsoever, who actually try to tell you what to do!
wanna-be Managers
"I cant stand gettin Micro-managed,everybody here wants to be fuckin' COPS"
"Dont tell ME what to do,man...stop being a Cop!"
by dcorelone April 20, 2006

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