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To have a snog and act like a total slut
I copped off with 10 blokes last night
by Tracey September 13, 2003
Liverpool slang for kissing.
I copped off with phil
by Kizza March 29, 2004
English term for kissing someone on a night out ..snogging, making out etc
"I went out last night"

"nice, did you cop off"

"Yea, but only once ..snogged him all night virtually though lol, he was a good kisser!"
by AliKnowsBest May 19, 2013
To copy of off someone. Sometimes a form of respect but often leads to conflict.
I bought a duck hat and then my young cousin rushed off to the store to buy a duck hat. What a copoff.
by dradudsdt September 20, 2009