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slang for tampon
recently made up by my friend jessica, she is a filthy minded little scene kid
"got any cooter plugs? im fresh out."
"hey, you dropped a cooter plug!"
by wkdwtchofthewest March 17, 2006
A tampon, something a woman uses during her period.
She threw her cooter plug in the garbage.
by C. Pendergast November 17, 2006
A common word used in reference to a specific type of feminine hygiene product, that is often flushed down the toilet, causing said toilet to clog. Also known as a tampon.
Father to Plumber-Guy: "Have you found what's clogged up the toilet again?"
Plumber Guy: "Not yet..."
Father: "Better not be them damn cooter plugs!"
by JoshCarSr March 28, 2006