A person that is not a looser nor cool.
Sup mady, when you gonna stop being such a cooser.
by bzerk July 01, 2005
Top Definition
The definition of a cooser is "a really big loser".
It can be used in many contexts.
You're such a cooser
by guosjfnjohjsaorhjewnmpayr May 26, 2008
The combination between cool, and loser. Meaning a cool looser. Usually someone not cool, yet not a loser.
Hey wussup mady, yah such a cooer.
by bzerk June 26, 2005
someone who is such a loser they dont even deserve to be called a loser.
something people tend to say when they are high, because they are too f**ked up they cant say 'loser'
C: Did you just call me a loser?!?!
A: No, I called you a cooser.
C: Aw sh*t, no you didnt!
A: Sorry, i did...hahahahaha.

man, that guy is such a cooser.
by zoopler February 25, 2008
An extremely awesome or cool person.
"What a cooser! i'd love to hang out with him."
you're SUCH a cooser! call me!
by scruffymumfkins April 26, 2007
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