University located in the heart of the East Village in Manhattan, NY @ Cooper Square. First Institution of higher learning to have a non-discriminatory policy,also the only school in the U.S to offer a full scholarship to everyone accepted; with a 4% acceptance rate for the Art School and a 10% acceptance rate for the architecture and engeneering schools, Cooper Union is one of the Most selective schools in the U.S. and definately THE most prestigious art school west of the Art Academy of Florence. One of the Best Schools this nation can offer.
1- I go to RISD.
2- Oh yea dude... I've heard of it, BUT I attend The Cooper Union since I have the talent and abilities of any of your 4th year students and I'm barely 18......
(RISD kid goes back to Providence to learn how to figure draw)
by -spek- April 03, 2006
Top Definition
Noun. Of or refering to a monastary in the Himalayas replete with bitter study and no girls.
"No, I haven't gotten laid in 2 years. I go to Cooper Union"

(understanding murmurs voiced, someone offers to buy you a drink)
by Dice To That May 23, 2005
whats worse than hell
Hell is forever, Cooper Union just seems like it
by kenny January 11, 2005
Institution of higher learning where straight people are discriminated against by gay majority.
Cooper Union Principal: Lets hire Mrs.Shultzki because she is a lesbian.
by Napoleon Shultzki November 12, 2008
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