Sweet Chocolate pie... of the furry variety
1) My friend had some tasty coontang after dinner in NOLA

2) MA! Kenny had some coontang. Can I have some?
by Pie Lover October 03, 2003
Top Definition
the vaginal cavity of a negro woman
Oh damn, Khalil, look at that sweet coontang!
by m j f February 15, 2004
Ghetto niggaz pussy
So Oprah can i get some of that Coon tang tonight?
by Not Racist 711 January 16, 2012
The vagina of an actual raccoon.
Get the hounds boys! We're gonna have us some hot coontang tonight!
by D. B. Cooper October 27, 2006
When you score with a black person and end up having rough intercourse.
Ian : How was your night on Saturday?

Cameron : Amazing mate, got some serious Coon Tang.
by Coonster February 25, 2013
Referring to a vagina of the darker variety. The black variety.
Damnit Trinette, nobody is interested in your coontang
by NitsMarc July 06, 2015
Black poontang.
Lets go down to Oakland tonight, and find us some Coon-tang.
by Netsharpshooter April 17, 2012
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