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n. one who hunts black people as a proffession or for their own amusement.

See also, nigslayer, negrokiller, jiggaboobutcher, slavemurderer, niggerassassin, porchmonkeyexecutioner, junglebunnyexterminator, chocolatecutthroat.
The police found Donquavius lying in a gutter with a long buller from a buck hunting rifle lodged in his chest. They immediately knew this was the work of a coonhunter.
by nigslayer August 07, 2010
Usually small fat and stupid, mostly beleived to be crooked faced rednecks, than enjoy hunting "Coons" (racoons) in Kentucky. Coon Hunters have been known to be very racist.
Andrew: Do you know that Justin kid?
Chad: Yeah, I heard he was a dirty Coon Hunter.
Andrew: I know, I hate that kid!
by chillbilly April 18, 2008

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