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a song written by black people that takes no music ability and talks about either how ghetto they are, how rich they are, or how many " bitches" they fucked. This music is commonly referred to as rap or hip-hop.
All black people have stupid coon tunes on thief
by max guillot May 06, 2008
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Rap music. Coined by Wadam.

The not-as-cool synonym for nigga noise.
"*turns up the local rap station* Yeah, let's play some coon tunes!"
by The Stick Bandit December 17, 2005
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What's that awful noise?

That's Coon Tunes you hear.
by kennyb43 September 28, 2009
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When your going down a black neighborhood and blasting on the stereo "Coon Town" by Johnny Rebel.
Hey Paul wanna go play some coontunes tonite?
by JohnnyF*cksACouch February 03, 2011
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adj and or noun;
1) genre of music with a loud, ratchet sound that blatantly disrespects the true essence of hip hop.

2) often mistaken for rap or hip hop, coon tunes allow the listener to escape into a parallel universe where sounds such as "pow" and "uh" are mistaken for real terms.

3) genre of music depicted by those who indulge in FOOLERY.
Words such as: ratchet, energetic,infamous and feel good all can describe such tunes.

4) music with no real meaning, coon tunes make you feel a certain type of way. Sheer joy comes from such.
I listen to coon tunes when I work out 'cause it gets me going.
by The Coon Tunes President February 28, 2011
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